Drifting on the Ocean with the 64 Bar Orchestra

My remix from the forthcoming Ninja Remix Chain, (where each producer remixes the remix of the previous remix, without have heard the original, and so on,) has been included in a new 64 bar orchestra mix, along with the original version of Ocean Drift by Kelp, which I hadn’t heard when I remixed the remix of the remix of the remix of that track. Also, some other amazing material collected by Kovas is included in this mix. Feast your ears:

track listing:
64 Bar Orchestra – episode 3

Beat 19 By Jose B
Radioattractive By Ponymama
Comanche By Co Pilot
Ocean Drift By Kelp
Ocean Drint (Remix) By Techniken Defunkus
Forever Sound By Escape Velocity
2064 By Kultran
Yesterday’s GamesBuy By Ave Blast & Lopez
Conversations By Echo Park Feat Light Poetic
Keep It Quiet By Dj Kovas
Fire Feathers By Co Pilot


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